I lay awake last night thinking if I one day may be so lucky to see my book (or books) on shelves in bookstores and libraries.
I wonder what that would feel like? I suppose I would be so proud that I would be bursting from joy.
Perhaps it can be compared with a singer hearing his/her song on the radio for the first time.
If or when that might happen to me, do not doubt that I will let everyone know excatly what I felt the excact moment I pulled my own book from a shelf.

Hmm... This is just me pondering. Don't mind me...
Though, it is quite exciting to be thinking about.

I'm not looking for fame or any kind of approval, just trying to be myself and do the best I can. And the is really just what anybody can do isn't it?
So, if I never get a book published, I guess I'm not cut out to be a writer, but it would be nice to see people like something I have made.
To read MY book!

And fyi, everything is going smoothly. I just finished yet another chapter yesterday and is starting on my 15th today. Great isn't it? I think so a least.

Well, best be off to work - it would be nice if I could spend Easter editing and rewriting :-)

xoxo to you all

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  1. explendit blog, congratulations
    regard from Reus Catalonia
    thank you