Fantastic news!!

Hi all,

Remember I told you about the writing contest I was entering? I wrote the short story: An Ordinary Wednesday (in Danish: En Helt Almindelig Onsdag)
Well, I won!!! How cool is that?
Now I'm actually getting published, and soon I can call myself a REAL writer :-)

I just can't get over how cool it is to get published, it's like it's not actually real until I get the book in hand (or online as it is since it's only getting published as an e-book)
I won't be making any money (just 5% I think) but that doesn't matter, that's not the reason why I did it. I never thought I would win even though it is a great story - Guess I do have talent!

And, I have more great news!
Just got the Magical Moon manuscript back from Jannie Solaas - my amazing editor - and she loved it. I do have some editing and rewriting to do - but that is just normal. Even the great writers have to do that... And it's not even that much work. I did really good - hooray for talent :-) '

I truly found my calling!! ¨¨

Now, let's just hope that with this short story getting published, it'll open new and bigger doors so that the next thing I get published will be Magical Moon.

Like I said a thousand times before - I will never give up!

Magical Moon and Magical World are two amazing books (or they will be) on the same level as maybe even Twilight and The house of Night series - if I must say so myself; and I do!

Well, no more great news for now.

As soon as I have the release date for my short story, I'll let you know, so stay tuned :-)
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