Chapter 7 - Magical World

Hello hello,

Chapter 7 is coming along quite smoothly - I guess putting it away for a while helped me get over that wall I hit a while back. Anyways, I got half a chapter already and know exactly (or almost exactly) how the rest of this chapter is going to turn out.
Participating in that short story competition has got my fingers dancing again :-)

I went to a lecture at the local library this Saturday. It was pretty good - even though they didn't say anything I didn't already know. However, it was fun to hear about how the three authers got into writing, and how they first got published - boy does it take a looooot of work + a huge bucket of patience (which I do not have much of - patience that is, I am willing to work hard though!)

This one new auther told us about how she had gotten noticed at http://www.saxo.dk/ by participating in a lot of competitions. She's currently writing her second book in a trilogy (the publisher has the first in for editing now) and the publisher (Tellerup) will not publish her book until she's written the whole trilogy - so she's pretty busy right now, writing two more books before her first can come out - but at least she has a contract.... Something I want too - in case you didn't notice ;-)

So, I guess finishing Magical World will put me in a better postition with the agents rather than with only one book ready. (As it is now, this will be a duo - Magical Moon + Magical World - but an idea for a third is in the back of my head - Magical Girl!)

I just want to finish Magical World first and then wait a little while with a possible third book, because I really want to finish my book for adults too (The Kiss of Death)

Wow, I have lots and lots of plans... Ambitious, I know, but I can do it, I know I can - and I will get an agent one day - soon!!!

Oh jeez, look at the time... time for bed.
Till next time (will probably finish ch 7 within the next two/three days - let ya know!)

Oh, and by the way, many congrats to one of my best friend - and now mommy to adorable Kasie - Annika. I love you babe :-)