Chris Marie Green

She, along with Faith Hunter, Jeaniene Frost and Karen Chance, is among one of my most favorite writers whom I'd love to some day meet and perhaps compare myself with.
They are amazing writers, if you love the fantasy genre, and I cannot recommend you enough to read some of their books.
Chris with her Babylon serie is deadly fantastic, and I can't wait to read more of her books. Just entered a contest on her website, and if I'm lucky, I might win one of them :-) Buuuut, with my luck, naah...

Enough about other writers and back to what is the most important part - Magical Moon :-D

MM is coming along pretty well. I'm going to finish ch. 15 tonight. That leaves me with only 7 chapters left to edit and send to my amazing friends.
I think I'll be able to keep my "deadline" which is to finish this last round of editing by the end of June / early July. Then I'll use the rest of July to fix the mistakes my friends find, and write a sales pitch I can send along with MM to an agent.
Sounds like a plan?? Yep :-)

Well, if I have to finish ch. 15 by tonight, I should get started. Another update coming up soon :-)

Bye for now..



Revision update

Hello everyone.

I just wanted to let you know that my revision is going great. Today, I've done two chapter + I'm halfway through ch 10. That leaves me with only 11 chapters which I'm sure I'll be able to go through rather quickly becuase the further I get, the better I've written the chapters.

The first 4 or so chapters weren't written that well, and I had to change quite a lot (and probably still do), but from now on, the writing is actually pretty good - in my opinion anyway though I'm not sure how much that actually counts, that being this is only my first book.

So, to set a date for my last revision, part 2, will probably be by the end of June! I will then use July to edit those last grammar/spelling mistakes and rephrasings that my two friends, who are currently reading Magical Moon, have found round about the manuscript.

This leaves me with actually being able to start looking for a literary agent and sending MM to him/her. That is probably the most exciting part of this adventure. I so hope someone will love MM and publish it.

Once I've mailed MM to someone qualified, I can start on the follow-up to MM - I can't wait. I have so many great ideas already.

I hope my two friends who are helping me revising MM will be as quick about it as I am, cause I just want to be done already and move on to the next book (that was a request girls!!)- which I by the way have no name for yet but I'm sure it'll come :-)

That was it for now I guess. Back to MM and continue revising.



Long overdue update!

Hi everyone

I'm so sorry I haven't written in a while. I've just been so busy with my new job, birthdays and so on and on. But that is no excuse really!

The job at Vestas at the Technical Training Center is amazing. My colleagues are all very nice people with lots of great humor. Nothing is boring at the office, and with all the men there, the jokes can get somewhat dirty - but I love it *grinning*

The job though, eats into a lot of my energy, and I've been quite tired at night. I have been neglecting Magical Moon and I feel so guilty, but I'd rather skip a couple of days of revising than to write something bad. I need to be completely focused or else it's going to suck, and we don't want that now, do we?

I have involved another of my very good friends in the revising process. She's going to just read the chapters, and then give me her brutally honest opinion on what's good and what needs to be changed. That helps me incredibly much.

I might have found some one who can help me take a great picture to use on the cover. I don't know if it's something he wants to do, but I will ask him nonetheless. He's an amazing photographer. He out of the office the next 3 weeks, but when he gets back, I will talk to him and tell him my idea. I'm sure he can make magic with his camera!!!

That was it for now guys. I promise I will remember to update more often.