Revision update

Hello everyone.

I just wanted to let you know that my revision is going great. Today, I've done two chapter + I'm halfway through ch 10. That leaves me with only 11 chapters which I'm sure I'll be able to go through rather quickly becuase the further I get, the better I've written the chapters.

The first 4 or so chapters weren't written that well, and I had to change quite a lot (and probably still do), but from now on, the writing is actually pretty good - in my opinion anyway though I'm not sure how much that actually counts, that being this is only my first book.

So, to set a date for my last revision, part 2, will probably be by the end of June! I will then use July to edit those last grammar/spelling mistakes and rephrasings that my two friends, who are currently reading Magical Moon, have found round about the manuscript.

This leaves me with actually being able to start looking for a literary agent and sending MM to him/her. That is probably the most exciting part of this adventure. I so hope someone will love MM and publish it.

Once I've mailed MM to someone qualified, I can start on the follow-up to MM - I can't wait. I have so many great ideas already.

I hope my two friends who are helping me revising MM will be as quick about it as I am, cause I just want to be done already and move on to the next book (that was a request girls!!)- which I by the way have no name for yet but I'm sure it'll come :-)

That was it for now I guess. Back to MM and continue revising.


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