Revising round 2

I'm almost done with 1. round of revising and it's going really well. I do believe that the last part of the manuscript is much better written than the first part but duh... of course it is. The more I write, the better I get so that is kind of obvious...

I have been thinking about joining a class somewhere or a course that can teach me to become a better writer. You can alway learn something new, and since I'm so green in this business, I just want to suck in everything like a sponge.

Anyhow, back to revising. First round was just all the basics, like misspellings, rephrasing the worst parts and setting everything up so it's easier to read - (been writing like a mainac so the layout wasn't really anything to brag about)
It's much better now, and much easier to read with double spacings and bigger font sizes and such.

In round two, I will dig deeper into the whole story. The first part of the manuscrip will definitely have to go through some redecorating. It is said that agents and publishers only read something between the first 30 pages and the first 3 chapters so obviously I'll have to make that part fantastic (just like the rest) and really catch someone's attention.

I have been browsing the Net for agents too (just a little out of curiosity) and I have found a few that sounds interesting and I'll definitely be sending Magical Moon to them. Especially one in London sounds just perfect - only thing is, she doesn't accept any manuscripts at the moment but hopefully that'll change during the next couple of months. I hope surely so cause she's perfect!!

Anywho! That's that. Gotta get back to working.

See y'all soon.




I have been very busy today. Started the day with watching a couple of episodes of "Supernatural" just to get in the mood you know, and then moved on to revising Magical Moon.

I'm almost through the first round of rough editing. It's a lot of work, like I've probably mentioned before, but even though the progress is slow, it is very rewarding.

So, I went along and made a group at Facebook today trying to promote Magical Moon. I know it's not nearly done yet, but why not be at the forfront of things.. Might even be easier to get an agent that way - who knows? And if nothing else, maybe I'll get some more followers here (crossing my fingers)

And getting an agent can be pretty hard. I've been looking online trying to figure out how to get one so I can get Magical Moon published.
And I'll tell you what! It's a pretty darn tough business....
I will have my work cut out for me once Magical Moon is done!

To all of you who find your way to my blog - welcome :-)




So, I've finished the book but that doesn't mean that I'm done working!!

Revising is a pretty hard job. It takes a hell of a lot of time.

I got some pretty cool revising advices from already established writers the other day - including one of my favorite writers, Faith Hunter - at magicalwords.com.

Magicalwords.com is a wonderful website where a few writers blog together. They talk about a lot of cool stuff and their own experiences. It's a big help for some one new like myself.

I'm so excited :-) Faith Hunter comented on my comment on both facebook and on magicalwords.com the other day. - Made my day :-D

There is no doubt about it that this is not the only book I'm going to write. I just hope they will be good enough to publish. As you can hear, I doubt my own skills a bit - with this being my first try at this and all - but i hope with time I can become just as good as Faith and all the other writers out there.

Well, must get back to work.. Want to finish you know and get to the next level - getting an agent. I have absolutely no idea how to do that though but I'm sure I will find out :-) I'm not one for giving up!!



Remember Me

OMG... I just got home from the Danish pre-premiere on Remember Me starring the lovely and gorgeous Robert Pattinson - Yes, I'm a huge fan ;-)
It was the best movie I'd seen in a really long time. It was funny, serious and extremely real and it ended with a twist.
So sad, that I couldn't prevent the tears from escaping my eyes in the end.
I completely and utterly LOVED IT...
I can only recommend you all to go watch it. It's so worth it!!

About my book..
As I mentioned last I blogged, I have finished the first draft. Now, I'm editing and rewriting.
I have done 5 chapters so far - aaaand not entirely happy about them yet but I'll get there I'm sure.

I've also decided on a name - well almost anyway.
It's either going to be
Magical Moon or Witching Hour
What do you think???
Of course you don't know what it's about yet, so it may be a little difficult for you to help me decide, but please tell me which one you think sounds best...



Book 1 done!

Guys, I cannot believe it.

I just put the last period in my book. It is done... (the first draft anyway)
Now, the process of rereading, rewriting and editing can begin, and then it is off to my best friend to be read and judged!!!

I said I would finish before Easter and I did :-) one night before ha ha... Do I know to keep a deadline or what???

I will put the book aside the next two days and not look at it at all (no probably not but I ought) and begin the editing process on Tuesday.

I hope you're all as excited as I am.

I alredy have a plan for the second book in the Holly Taylor serie (Yes that's my main character's name) and it will be even more exciting and magical than this one...

Look out world... A new author may have been born!!!