I have been very busy today. Started the day with watching a couple of episodes of "Supernatural" just to get in the mood you know, and then moved on to revising Magical Moon.

I'm almost through the first round of rough editing. It's a lot of work, like I've probably mentioned before, but even though the progress is slow, it is very rewarding.

So, I went along and made a group at Facebook today trying to promote Magical Moon. I know it's not nearly done yet, but why not be at the forfront of things.. Might even be easier to get an agent that way - who knows? And if nothing else, maybe I'll get some more followers here (crossing my fingers)

And getting an agent can be pretty hard. I've been looking online trying to figure out how to get one so I can get Magical Moon published.
And I'll tell you what! It's a pretty darn tough business....
I will have my work cut out for me once Magical Moon is done!

To all of you who find your way to my blog - welcome :-)


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