Revising round 2

I'm almost done with 1. round of revising and it's going really well. I do believe that the last part of the manuscript is much better written than the first part but duh... of course it is. The more I write, the better I get so that is kind of obvious...

I have been thinking about joining a class somewhere or a course that can teach me to become a better writer. You can alway learn something new, and since I'm so green in this business, I just want to suck in everything like a sponge.

Anyhow, back to revising. First round was just all the basics, like misspellings, rephrasing the worst parts and setting everything up so it's easier to read - (been writing like a mainac so the layout wasn't really anything to brag about)
It's much better now, and much easier to read with double spacings and bigger font sizes and such.

In round two, I will dig deeper into the whole story. The first part of the manuscrip will definitely have to go through some redecorating. It is said that agents and publishers only read something between the first 30 pages and the first 3 chapters so obviously I'll have to make that part fantastic (just like the rest) and really catch someone's attention.

I have been browsing the Net for agents too (just a little out of curiosity) and I have found a few that sounds interesting and I'll definitely be sending Magical Moon to them. Especially one in London sounds just perfect - only thing is, she doesn't accept any manuscripts at the moment but hopefully that'll change during the next couple of months. I hope surely so cause she's perfect!!

Anywho! That's that. Gotta get back to working.

See y'all soon.


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