Book 1 done!

Guys, I cannot believe it.

I just put the last period in my book. It is done... (the first draft anyway)
Now, the process of rereading, rewriting and editing can begin, and then it is off to my best friend to be read and judged!!!

I said I would finish before Easter and I did :-) one night before ha ha... Do I know to keep a deadline or what???

I will put the book aside the next two days and not look at it at all (no probably not but I ought) and begin the editing process on Tuesday.

I hope you're all as excited as I am.

I alredy have a plan for the second book in the Holly Taylor serie (Yes that's my main character's name) and it will be even more exciting and magical than this one...

Look out world... A new author may have been born!!!

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