Magical Moon 2

I just had an operation. I have a huge wound across my belly so I can't do much but lie/sit on the sofa. :-(
There is, however, an upside to this sick leave of mine and that is that I have a lot of time to think about and write on Magical Moon 2.

I'm almost done with chapter two. It's quite dark and I feel so extremely sorry for Jayden. I'm putting him through hell in this book.

Holly is going to meet some very interesting people/creatures during her trip to Vaillëz where she is going to try to save Jayden and his mother from his evil father.

I had a professional editor look at the first chapter of MM. She was fascinated and loved the story but she believed there were some fundamental problems with it such as the formulation. I hadn't expected anything less since this is my first book, but I still hope that there are someone out there who is going to love the story and want to publish it - after a good editing!

My vampire book is coming along pretty well too - chapter one is almost done. It's not going to be quite as long as the Magical Moon books but long enough. Maybe I should consider writing some novels??? It may be easier to get those published... who knows?

Well, this was it for now, just a small update. I feel the medicine working and my eyelids getting heavy. Bye for now...