Amazing news

I just got a phone call today - and got, unexpectedly, a job :-D
So, from June 1. I start working at Vestas in Videbæk. It is only a temp-job going on 18 months, but it's crazy amazing anyway!!!

This however, will effect my revision progress a little thus I no longer have all day to sit and play with Magical Moon, but I promise I will work hard on it at night and on the weekends :-)

I've also begun to form a synopsis for the follow-up to Magical Moon. The ideas are just swarming around in my head like a group of bees buzzing, waiting to get out... It's going to be even better than Magical Moon with a whole other scene in magical world!!!
I can't wait to get started...

And the kittens are beginning to get eyes now.. aw! They are so impossibly cute...
Well, gotta go, ch. 5 is waiting impatiently for me :-)




Along with spring came kittens :-)

One of  my cats gave birth to four cute adorable kittens this Tuesday morning. I assisted, which was very odd because I didn't think I would have been able to, and everything went almost smooth.

They are now squirming around with no eyes complaining when they cannot find a nipple to suck on :-) they demand a lot of attention from their mother, and I'm amazed how well she's handling this.

I have mailed ch. 3 to my friend, and is starting on ch 4 today. I needed a couple of days rest, but is now back to work. Have I said how difficult it is to revise? Well, it is! I'd much rather work on the next book instead of using so much time revising. Writing is much more fun than revising!!

I hope I/we'll be done revising after the holidays so I can move on to finding someone to represent  me. I would love to get Magical Moon published by Harper teen or ROC fantasy-Penguin group. Wouldn't that be awesome! Buuuut that'll probably not happen :-) Yet I can hope, can't I...



Words words words

Words... They can be such a pain in the ... !

I'm almost done with the cutting and rewriting of chapter 2 but the last two pages are making me insane. They're gibberish - a waste of space really!
I'm thinking of just cutting them out entirely instead of trying to rephrace something that doesn't work in the first place.

Did i mention that revising is a pain??? Well let me just say it again - it sucks!!!
I wish I could just write and let someone else do the rest of the work - it'd be so much easier.

Last night, I read an incredible article on http://www.magicalwords.net/ by Stuart Jaffe on how to revise dialogues. He gave such good advice.
I think I've mentioned it before but I'm totally in love with this website. (if that's even possible) I learn so much from the writers that keep that site.
They're all pros and I'm glad they feel the need to share their experience with the rest of us - who may or may not know what we're doing - lol...

Today's my son's birthday - 11 years old can you imagine that? It feel just like yesterday I was pregnant. How time flies.
He's decided we're going to McDonalds tonight for dinner and as the loving mother I am, I indulge him! It is after all only his birthday once a year.

Well, got to go. I want to finish that chapter before it drives me crazy.



The agony of revising

So I've been through round one of revising, checking only basic stuff, worst spelling, gramma and such and have now moved on to cutting, rewriting and editing.

Wow, it's hard work. It's taken me two whole days just to go through chapter 1 but now, I think I'm ready to let go of it and send it across the Atlantic to my good Canadian friend for her to read and to give me feedback and criticism + going over the worst gramma mistakes that I'm sure there will still be a lot of (grinning - gramma's never really been my thing)

I'm a little worried though about letting someone else read what I've written. What if it actually sucks? What if she hates it? Should I just have kept it locked away in my computer for my eyes only?

No!!! I should not think like that. But it's always those thoughts that run through me whenever I think about letting someone else read it. Tomorrow I will mail it to her though and hope for the best - hope that it doesn't suck too much! (We're going to do one chapter at a time)

I know I have a long way to go but I'm sure it'll be worth it. I hope it will...

That was it for now - I'll let you know what she thinks when she gets back to me!!