Words words words

Words... They can be such a pain in the ... !

I'm almost done with the cutting and rewriting of chapter 2 but the last two pages are making me insane. They're gibberish - a waste of space really!
I'm thinking of just cutting them out entirely instead of trying to rephrace something that doesn't work in the first place.

Did i mention that revising is a pain??? Well let me just say it again - it sucks!!!
I wish I could just write and let someone else do the rest of the work - it'd be so much easier.

Last night, I read an incredible article on http://www.magicalwords.net/ by Stuart Jaffe on how to revise dialogues. He gave such good advice.
I think I've mentioned it before but I'm totally in love with this website. (if that's even possible) I learn so much from the writers that keep that site.
They're all pros and I'm glad they feel the need to share their experience with the rest of us - who may or may not know what we're doing - lol...

Today's my son's birthday - 11 years old can you imagine that? It feel just like yesterday I was pregnant. How time flies.
He's decided we're going to McDonalds tonight for dinner and as the loving mother I am, I indulge him! It is after all only his birthday once a year.

Well, got to go. I want to finish that chapter before it drives me crazy.


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