Amazing news

I just got a phone call today - and got, unexpectedly, a job :-D
So, from June 1. I start working at Vestas in Videbæk. It is only a temp-job going on 18 months, but it's crazy amazing anyway!!!

This however, will effect my revision progress a little thus I no longer have all day to sit and play with Magical Moon, but I promise I will work hard on it at night and on the weekends :-)

I've also begun to form a synopsis for the follow-up to Magical Moon. The ideas are just swarming around in my head like a group of bees buzzing, waiting to get out... It's going to be even better than Magical Moon with a whole other scene in magical world!!!
I can't wait to get started...

And the kittens are beginning to get eyes now.. aw! They are so impossibly cute...
Well, gotta go, ch. 5 is waiting impatiently for me :-)


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