Along with spring came kittens :-)

One of  my cats gave birth to four cute adorable kittens this Tuesday morning. I assisted, which was very odd because I didn't think I would have been able to, and everything went almost smooth.

They are now squirming around with no eyes complaining when they cannot find a nipple to suck on :-) they demand a lot of attention from their mother, and I'm amazed how well she's handling this.

I have mailed ch. 3 to my friend, and is starting on ch 4 today. I needed a couple of days rest, but is now back to work. Have I said how difficult it is to revise? Well, it is! I'd much rather work on the next book instead of using so much time revising. Writing is much more fun than revising!!

I hope I/we'll be done revising after the holidays so I can move on to finding someone to represent  me. I would love to get Magical Moon published by Harper teen or ROC fantasy-Penguin group. Wouldn't that be awesome! Buuuut that'll probably not happen :-) Yet I can hope, can't I...


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