Keeping my head in the game

Hmm. my internet has been down all day... How annoying! On the other hand, it gave me an excuse NOT to surfe the net and concentrate on the book.

And it worked!! I almost finished yet another chapter. I'm so close to finishing the book that I can almost taste victory :-) It's a nice feeling to know that I'm actually going to accomplish something that I had never in a million years thought I would.

When i started writing, I just did it to get all my crazy weird thoughts out of my head and now, I'm actually going to succeed. AMAZING!!

I still hope I will be able to finish within the next two weeks so that I can spend Easter editing and rewriting a bit so that one of my best friends, who I would trust with my life, Gitte can read it - and hopefully like ;-)
Her opinion means the world to me!!

So, to reach my goal, I'm going to keep my head in the game, focus on my goal...


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