I just finished writing another nerve-racking chapter in my book. OMG... It made my heart race and I could not write fast enough to follow up with the thoughts I had.

I could see the whole scene in my head like if I was watching a movie. All I needed wast the sound effects and the scary music in the background for it to be real right here in my living room  :-)

I seriously hope people will love it as much as I do already... But then again, this is my first book, my little baby and of course I am obligated to love it. However, I think I will feel this way with any book I might write in the future too.

I want to tell you guys about it so badly, but have made a pact with myself to keep the story a secret untill I finsish writing it.
Only then, will I be open about its content - but not too open 'cause I don't want anyone to steel my story ;-) If you get my drift!!!

I'm so excited. I have only 5 chapters to finish - unless I add one or two.

Guys, you will not have to wait much longer now...
Or, maybe you do 'cause I heard that it took both J. K . Rowling and Stephenie Meyer a lot of hard work and quite a long time to get their bookes published! And theirs are amazing...
(Not that I could ever compare myself with these goddesses)

I suppose patience is the key word...

I will not give up though. Someone out there will want to publish it, I'm sure!! There are a lot of books crappier than mine that have been published... so PATIENCE... :-D

(You do know I'm talking mostly to myself right? Those of you who know me well, knows that patience doesn't come easy to me!)

Enough writing for today.. My house looks like a war zone. Got to go do some chores :-(


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