YES!!! I finished chapter 13 :-) and I think it turned out pretty good. I am very proud of myself... Even if my book never gets to be published I will still be proud because at least I think it is turning out pretty good if I may say so myself :-)

I got the first "The Vampire Diaries" book the other day, and I'm already done reading it. It is a double book (1. and 2. book in one) and it is nothing like the TVseries...
Some of the Characters are right - like the main characteres but a lot has been changed on TV - which doesn't make it wors at all... I like the TVseries very much and is just as excited about it as I am about the books.
The books however, are not as well written as The Twilight saga books that Stephenie Meyer has written - but they are okay... No, okay is not a good enough word. They are exciting and very hard to put down...

Well, it's late and I got to go to bed. Just wanted to let everyone know I was still alive and well - and extremely excited about my own book :-)

Caio - xoxo

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