Okay better get this show on the road... I have this amazing picture i really want to use as a background on my blog but I'm having trouble figuring out how to do it :-( My blog would be so cool, if I got that background instead of only the black... Can anyone help me with this??

So, first of all.. Hello everyone... I plan to use this blog as a journal/diary of some sort to let friends, family and basically everyone who want to know about me know how I am doing and what I am up to these days.

Starting today, this is my first day so I may not be pretty good at this yet, but I hope for now it will be bearable for you to read my thoughts.

I have started on something that might seem like a huge project to some but to me, it comes kind of naturally. In November, I started writing a book and by now, I have gotten pretty far - actually I'm halfway through it. If anyone want to publish it when I'm done with it is going to be very exciting. Obvioiusly I hope so very much but life is unpredictable...

This blog will probably be about a lot of what I am going throug in connection to this book. If you find it exciting to see what it's all going to end up with, then please follow me :-)

Anyway... Be happy and do not forget to do something silly once in a while...

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