I had a very productive day yesterday..

Had the day off from the course I'm currently attending and wrote 7 pages on my book. (That's about 2000 words in my case)
I have decided that each page should contain an average of 300 words. I have looked in the many books I have read and found that 300 words was the average so that's what I'm using too.
Up ontil now, I have 12 chapters. I want each chapter to be at least 20 pages of 300 word, and I want at least 20 chapter. So, you can see that I still have quite a lot of work to do.

Thoughts were flying out of my head yesterday and I could hardly stop. I only stopped because I had to go pick up the kids. I hope I will finish around Easter. That could be pretty cool. But, if I don't, then you will just have to wait a little longer to read it. ;-)
And hopefully you will get to read it because I hope it will be so good that a publishing house will publish it... That is my dream anyway!!!

About the snow storm that was supposed to hit Denmark yesterday - well, It didn't hit where I live. Yes, we got a lot of snow but it certainly was no storm!!!
I still loved all the snow though. It makes me in such a good mood. I went down to the market yesterday afternoon and for the first time in years I wished i had a pair of skis.

Today, I am back in the course and tonight I have parents meeting, so sadly I may not write anything even though it itches in my fingers.

Till I write again...


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