The end is near

Finally! We've almost reached the end which means that I now can start looking for a literary agent - so all of you fantasy agents out there, beware... I might be knocking on your e-mail ;-)

But it is a huge jungle... There are so many different agents, and I need to find precisely THE ONE who will love Magical Moon and publish it. So, if you know one, please do not hesitate to let me know :-)

My girls have read the entire book by now, and they LOVE it. I will have to remember to thank them for all their work on my acknowledgments page. They've been a tremendous help in the editing process.

And the second best ting about the end being near is that I now can begin on the follow-up to Magical Moon... Aren't you all excited??? If not, you should be *grinning wide*

Well, I'm off to find myself an agent. Wish me luck :-D


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