Literary Agents - hard to get???

I've written, rewritten, corrected, edited and is finally reaching the end - for now anyway. Magical Moon is close to being ready to go out into the world, into the hands of literary agents. Will it pass their high demands? Only time will tell...

I have been searching the Net for information on agents, and boy are there many - think I said that more than once! First you have to find the ones who are actually interested in fantasy. Then you'll have to see if they accept anything for YA (young adults) If you're lucky, the two will match, if not, continue looking! And, some of them don't even accept submittings for the moment + some only accepts from already accepted writers... *BIG SIGH*

But, not to worry. I already have a long list of agents who accept books like Magical Moon. Sunday, the big event will happen. Sunday, I will send out the first queries!!! Yay.... Can't wait to Sunday!

Oh and by the way, I have started on chapter one in the 2. book in the series.... I don't know what to call it yet but I'm sure I'll come up with it sooner or later.

Well, that was it for now. Hope you're all as excited as I am.


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