The future!

I just got fired from my great job :-( So sad, cause I have so many nice colleagues that I'm going to miss an awful lot. Thankfully, I don't have to stop until the end of February. I'm only a temp so I knew I had to stop, and now I'm just stopping a little earlier.
I feel sad for all my colleagues, who might have been with Vestas for many years, who lost their jobs yesterday. It is so awful when a big company has to fire so many employees.

But, I'm going to turn this around and look at it as an opportunity instead of something bad. I'm going to see if I can't get a job that has to do with books, writing and maybe even publishing. It could be extremely cool if I could get a job at a publishing house or something like that. I don't even care if all I have to do is get coffee and make copies - for a while!

Magical World is coming along pretty well. Just started on chapter fiv,e and I'm going to love writing this chapter. I'm going to introduce a lot of new funny characters who will all have their own purpose in the book. This second book in the Magical Moon series is going to be amazing :-)
I can't wait to finish it and hopefully get it published.

And how are things going with Magical Moon?
Well, slow! I still haven't heard from three agencies so now I'm going to find about ten new agencies to mail it to and hope for the best.
I will just go over chapter one, one more time and see if I can't make it even better.
And then I'm going to take another look at my sales pitch. Maybe it needs a little polish too...

Well, that's it for now.


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