Mental Block???

Oh boy...

I've been dancing around chapter two for weeks now... Why is that? Why is it that some chapters are harder to write than others?
I just want to forget about that one for a while and start writing on some of the other chapters. Maybe if I do that, the inspiration for this one will suddenly come back.
I know what I want to write in this chapter, however, I can't seem to get it "down on paper."
So, do I have some kind of a mental block?? - Perhaps.
Will I get over it?? - Absolutely.... And if not automatically, my willpower is so strong that I will fight my way through this!!

But I haven't been doing nothing. I have been doing a lot of research. OMG! It's so funny. I've been looking for inspiration about castles, medieval weapons etc. It's a whole world of it's own.

My magical world is really beginning to come to life. Once I get it down on paper, it will be amazing :-) I have no doubt about it...
Now I just have to get the agents and the publishers to believe it too :-)

'Till next time.


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