Chapter three, done!

I was beginning to feel a little panic in my last post. I've been struggling with chapter three (not two as I wrote), but suddenly, it all came to me, and I finished it in two days. Fantastic!
I feel incredibly relieved...
I think the reason this particular chapter was so tough on me was that I had to dig into my own feelings to write something that emotional. I want the readers to really feel what Holly is going through, to feel the emotions, the tension, the loss she is feeling, like they are experiencing it all on their own body. I want them to feel the atmosphere, the nescessity of her actions.
I think, I pulled it off pretty well, but of course it will need to be reveiwed before it's perfect.
My freind Gitte read the first rough edition - and she loved it - thank goodness :-)

Now, chapter four is next, but that chapter will be much easier, funnier and lighter than the last - we need that after such a heavy, dark chapter. I will love writing this next chapter.

I have so many great ideas for book two in the Magical Moon series. Exciting new characters, amazing new places and hair-raising adventures are what's going to dominate this other book, a book I have decided to call "Magical World"

I hope you won't have to wait too long to read them. Hopefully, an agent will come along soon and love them as much as I do.

Till next time

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